Augmented Analytics and Augmented Data

We already know what data analytics and data management mean. Data analytics is a set of techniques which are used to analyse the data and find patterns into it. For example, if a company’s sales data for last five years is provided, data analysis will provide us insights like which year had how much sales, if the sale grew from year to year, if the sales exceeded the expenses, what is the profit margin and other more complicated trends....


Natural language processing and how Power BI uses it

Natural language refers to the way we, humans, communicate with each other either in speech form or text. ...


Customer Behavior Analysis

Businesses in today’s world have become extremely competitive. It is essential to meet the customer’s needs and satisfaction with the goods or services being provided for any business to thrive and flourish. A company that is able to meet the needs of consumers and identify consumer behavior better than the competition is more likely to be successful. ...