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NeenOpal is a go-to strategic partner for business ranging from budding startups to vertically integrated large organizations.

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NeenOpal is a global management consulting firm with a unique and specialized focus on Data Science. Based out of Bengaluru in India ,with operations in New York and Atlanta, we carry a unique advantage to be a growth partner for our clients by customizing our solutions to uniquely fit their requirements. NeenOpal is a go-to strategic partner for businesses ranging from budding startups to vertically integrated large organizations. Discover how NeenOpal can help you achieve operational efficiency using Data Science and help transform your business into a thriving Data-Driven Organization.

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Without Big Data Analytics, companies are blind and deaf,
Wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway

- Geoffrey Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm & Inside the Tornado

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Our workforce comprises some of the most talented Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Visualization Experts, Full Stack Developers Front End Designers and Industry Domain Experts. The diversity of our workforce and startup culture allows us to be agile and deliver solutions to our customers with half the time and cost taken by our competitors.

  • Intellectually Challenging Work Environment
  • Constant Learning & Innovation while solving practical problems
  • World-Class Technology Infrastructure

Why Invest in Analytics?

Analytics pays back more than ten times the amount spent; by increasing revenues, decreasing costs or both.

Tremendous opportunity to enhance Quality of Decision Making by using Analytics, since minor improvements in accuracy can translate into millions of dollars.

Business Intelligence is needed to run the business while Business Analytics is needed to change the business.

BI is important to improve your decision-making based on past results, while predictive analytics helps in decision making based on future trends.

Its a known fact that Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are going to change the future.

Analytics can serve as a strategic point of differentiation from the competitors and growing the market share. Companies who leverage analytics today will be leaders of tomorrow.

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